Welcome to The Zither House

71 Main Street, Birregurra - 0408 379 499

The Zither House is the home of Running with Zithers, a collector, restorer, seller and teacher of chord zithers & autoharps.

The Zither House is open most weekday afternoons or by arrangement, except public & school holidays.

We sell new and restored instruments and offer the following services and programs.

Zither Zooms

Zither Zoomers

Practice your Zither or Autoharp. Meet other Zitherists and play along in an online Zither group.


In stock Zithers & Autoharps - Restoration & repairs.


Downloadable, easy to play tune-sheets for Zithers size 2 1/2 with 5 chords & 21 melody strings.

At the Zither House we offer group and private lessons for those wanting to get the most out of their zither or autoharp.


Enjoy the sound of zithers! Audio tracks for streaming or downloading or book a Zitherist for your next event.

The Zither House

71 Main Street
Victoria 3242


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