March Zither Zoom

Zither Zoomers

This year we will be Zither-Zooming every 1st Monday of the month.

Simply click on this link to enter the Zoom –
Should you be asked for a password – it’s ZitherZoom.

The play-a-long song list is –
Hallelujah – Greensleeves – Wildwood Flower – Danny Boy – Freight Train – Mozart Sonata – Are You Lonesome Tonight – Waltzing Mathilda – Dona Nobis Pacem – Loch Lomond – Lilly Marlene and added this month is Moon River.

Standard sized Tune-sheets for the songs can be purchased & downloaded HERE
Should you need a tune sheet for bigger zithers or a lead sheet for other instruments, simply purchase the standard download and stipulate your size and instrument at check-out.

 I look forward to catching up with you to share any Zither, Autoharp, Harp or general music topics in our chat before and after the play-a-long.

Social Media change is afoot!

Whilst I love the concept of sharing and the ease of getting news, special dates and information out via social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook, I’m forever aware of the need for discretion and the ever present danger of hackers taking over accounts or, worse, taking on your identify and using it to defraud the ‘friends’ and ‘followers’ of your accounts.
This happened to one of our minstrels in the last week or so. The scammers cloned her account, including her photo and sent out fake correspondence via Messenger to her ‘friends’. It encouraged me to register to receive ‘Regional COVID-19 support’ from Facebook@Work as my name was on a list to receive cash support. A quick phone call to the real account holder, of course, revealed this to be a scam. However, the amount of legitimate knowledge about her, based on her social media likes and dislikes, meant that I had quite a chat with whom I thought to be my friend, before the alarm bells started ringing. I am reminded of the advice we all grew up with – to NOT TALK TO STRANGERS!
Therefore, my Facebook and Instagram accounts will be closed by the end of the week and instead you will find a ‘Newsfeed’ on the Running with Zithers website’s home page that will allow me to share news and give you a chance to comment or ask a question without having to open a social media account. It will be linked to our newsletter, so if you are reading this, you are already on the list and will not need to do anything to be kept in the Zither-loop. If you know of anyone that might like to be informed of what we do in The Zither House via email, please encourage them to register on the website.
Also, The Zither House will re-open tomorrow February 18th resuming all planned activities.
Stay safe everyone,

New Tune-Sheets & Music

To help you enjoy your zither at home there are some new tune-sheets available as downloadable PDFs. Zither House members, please be aware that you need to be logged in to access the FREE members library.

When printing your PDF tune-sheet, make sure your printer setting is on ‘actual size’, not ‘fit to page’, otherwise your tune-sheet won’t align with your strings. The Running with Zithers tune-sheets are printed on 210gms card stock but if your printer does not cope with this, there is really nothing stopping you, printing on ordinary paper.

Please be aware that copyright permissions for our tune-sheets have been purchased or given for use within our zither groups and this provides the tune-sheets for your personal use only, not for further copying or distribution.

Under tune-sheets & music tab of the website you will also find ‘play-along’ tracks or a CD of some of the tunes.

Happy Zithering?