‘Black Scroll’ restored Chord Zither


This beautiful zither was made in Germany around 1930.



This unusual zither was made in Germany around 1930 and is in a remarkable condition for it’s age. It’s rare to find this model in Australia and The Zither House found this one on a German auction site.

Restoring it, we carefully retained it’s understated beauty, without compromising it’s antique uniqueness.

An original wooden carry case is included in the price (image to come)

All tuning pegs are firm and the sound is strong, clear and warm.

It has 2 diatonic octaves of single-strung melody strings, starting from middle C and 5 Chords C, G, F, D and A, each chord consisting of a bass and the triad.

All our zithers come with accessories – tuning wrench, cleaning brush, thumb picks and 10 tune-sheets, plus a 1 hour FREE lesson to help you get the most out of your zither.


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