Zither Tune-sheets

Ready-to-play tune-sheets for the chord zither were produced in the thousands, with some 100+ year old ones still in existence today.

Each of our zithers came with lots of original tune-sheets and these are made available to our zither group members and at each zither group, participants are introduced to a new tune-sheet of a song.

There are a handful of specialty music shops and schools in Germany that are still producing tune-sheets today, although the production of tune-sheets for the 5 chord, 21 melody strings zither is becoming rarer.

Please note - Our tune-sheets fit 5 chord zithers with 21 melody strings, the original diatonic 20th century zithers.
For tune-sheets for larger, chromatic zithers, please contact me.

Unless our tune-sheets are of songs in the open domain, permission to arrange tune-sheets for our zither group has been sought, purchased or given. We also are privileged to have obtained permission from www.akkordzither.de to re-arrange their beautiful tune-sheets for fully chromatic zither for our zither groups.

At Running with Zithers we've produced a FREE Tune-sheet Helper in English to help you get the most from any tune-sheets that might be included in a Chord Zither purchase.

5 chord/21 string Zither Tune-sheets